minervadrawn on SAI yesterday

drawn on SAI yesterday

my new toon oc Hallucinated Silhouettes
drawn with pen and pencil
colored with SAI

Age: 14
species: cat
gender: female
power: fear / hallucinations
loyalty: none
hand: left
weapon: sickle

Reblog if your parents have ever:


- pointed out acne
- treated you like a little slave (you get them EVERYTHING)
- made fun of people who you idolize
- made you feel like an outcast
- ever called you a mistake or worthless
- forced you to go to a place where you weren’t comfortable
- made jokes about your weight
- made you cry
- made you break down
- made you feel like you were all alone
If so I’m going to send each and everyone of you a message!


y’know i’m tired of people being like “oh how could you like a dog or a cat over a human??? they don’t have like any emotions!!” because at least i’ve never heard of a dog or cat bullying a kid to the point of suicide or using slurs to describe someone


i know this thing is kinda overdone but i felt like i rly had to.

commissioned by caroony on dAmade on SAI

commissioned by caroony on dA
made on SAI

for littleravenwildmuffinmade with SAI

for littleravenwildmuffin
made with SAI

drawn a few days new toon oc sour (this is not her official design)and also my first drawing using paint tool sai :D

drawn a few days ago.
my new toon oc sour (this is not her official design)
and also my first drawing using paint tool sai :D






There are few things more glorious than a friend’s sketchbook.